Best Factoring Company For Truck Drivers

Financing for truck dispatchers made easy

Managing cash flow is imperative to all truck dispatch companies as you have to make payroll, cover repairs, manage all trucking operations, and maintenance. Waiting too long to get paid on your invoices can make your business come to a screeching halt. 

Our factoring for transportation and trucking companies solves major cash flow problems and gives your business the working capital to meet your obligations and objectives. Our transportation invoice factoring services allow truckers and drivers to get an advance on unpaid invoice receivables.

Why are we the best factoring company for truck drivers?

There are multiple challenges you may face as you can’t approach a suitable platform to address your financial needs. —– can help you with fast factoring at competitive rates.

Fast Factoring

Not all truckers are in a hurry, but when time matters the most, we help you with fast factoring.

Flexible Pricing

Factor your invoice receivables whenever you want, always for a fair price.

Benefits of choosing the best factoring company for truck drivers

Holding receivables for months cost small and mid-sized trucking companies as much as $3 trillion annually, as per Sage. That means, 1 in 10 invoices are not paid on time and therefore cash flow is stifled and the working capital required to grow your business is held up. Our factoring services can help you and come with several benefits.

Quick Advances

We advance up to 100% of the expected net collectible value of selected invoices.

Faster Invoice Approvals

We approve your selected invoices and pay in as little as 1 day. That way, you get access to needed funds.

Win Contracts

Many times truckers and companies are unable to move with other contracts due to shortage in cash flow. Our factoring gives you the cash and the confidence to bid on more jobs.

No Credit Check

Our factoring services don’t consider your credit score and credit history. Moreover, applying for factoring service does not affect your credit score and neither are they considered as debt.

Frequently Asked Questions

Factoring your invoice receivables is not considered a loan. Rather, it is a way for you to turn your existing accounts receivables into cash.

  • Submit your unpaid invoices for jobs completed to us.

  • We verify invoices and advance the funds within 1 day.

  • We collect payment from your customer according to your payment terms.

  • When payment is received, we release the remainder of the invoice amount.

As of now, we only offer our factoring services to the trucking industry in the US.
All you have to do is reach out to our factoring experts and you will be asked to fill out a form. Further assistance will be provided via call.
You don’t need to be in business long. We even offer our factoring services to start-ups. If you have an invoice receivable for the job completed, we can help get you funded.
After receiving your form and invoice receivables, we usually approve your factoring service within 24 hours.